September 2018 – Vol. 19.2

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A Note From Our President

Hello, Sewing Sisters,

Right after the Alaska State Fair started, I spent a week traveling to Florida to be with family, and at the funeral for my husband’s 90 year old Father. Although sadness was a part of the time together, we supported one another and celebrated his well – lived life with some laughter too. One of the requests I had was to take his clothing, and make some keepsakes for the family members. My niece sent me a picture of an apron made from a man’s shirt, and wanted to know if I could do that with Grampy’s. Since he had a closet full of plaid, long sleeved (even in Florida) shirts, I have a project that will involve some sewing and some memories and some love. Those are my favorites, when I can make something that tells a story and has meaning. I also found the remains of my Mother- in- law’s sewing supplies in one of his dresser drawers. Thread and elastic, rusty needles and pins, and a beautiful pair of hardly used pinking shears. I kept those and will think of her when I use them. I hope you find a sewing project that makes you smile and creates some sweet memories for someone you love. That’s what makes me happiest about being able to sew.

I am going to share a little personal information. I have been more than a little overwhelmed this year. Our daughter had a beautiful wedding in December, but her marriage was a disaster. We helped her get her things out and made sure she was in a safe place very shortly after, and we have spent the past months supporting her as it officially ended. I discovered sadly that there are too many women who have been involved in relationships that are not healthy, and emotional abuse leaves scars you can’t see. She has been blessed with support of family and friends and is going to be able to heal and move on. I just wanted to share, as many of you know her and knew about the wedding. This situation is far more common that I realized and the thing that may help the most is talking about it. I encourage you, that if you are or have been in a situation where someone is angry, controlling, manipulative and makes you feel anxious and unsafe, don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed, but please tell someone and make a plan to get out. If this isn’t you, it may be someone you know. Mary says she needs to keep hearing that she is not crazy, it wasn’t supposed to be that way, and it was not her fault. So sad, but we are grateful she came to us before it was worse, and the number of women who have shared their stories has been very sobering, as well as helpful. Thank you for letting me share.

The Chapter Advisory Board met in September and there are a number of things that you need to know:

New Alaska State Fair Sewing Department Superintendant: Kirsten Tysver

Kirstin Tysver is going to be the Guild’s representative and serve as the Superintendent of the Sewing Department at the Alaska State Fair for the coming year. Many thanks to Megan Cate for her wonderful work in this role, and thank you to Kirstin for being willing to be the point person for the Guild. We will be asking for a member or members to serve as her assistant, as it is a big job. If you are interested in that role, or have questions about that, please let me know. We will discuss that at the meeting during the Fall Retreat.

2018 Fair Update

Megan Cate reported that the Fair entries were up for 2017 with 171 items entered.

12 volunteers from the Guild spent 100 hours volunteering with entry intake, judging, display set up, demonstrating during the Fair, takedown and returning entries. There were lots of members of the Guild with entries, and they included Division Champions and a Judges’ Choice award to members of the Guild. I hear that Rae Longbrake spent many hours looking for giant spoons to go in her casserole carrier! Supporting the Sewing Department at the Fair is an overwhelming amount of time and energy. The display was wonderful and the opportunity to reach the community during the sit and sew times is a large part of our mission. Thank you, sincerely to everyone who helped. If you haven’t participated before, make a plan to help next year. It is a lot of fun!

Guild Board: Open Positions

I am also going to step down as President of the Guild and will need to find someone (or a couple folks who could share the duties) to take on that job starting in 2019. The President is mostly a point person. There are many resources available from the American Sewing Guild for support. It does involve making sure there is a quarterly newsletter, responding to emails to the Guild from prospective and new members, and generally coordinating the activities. It’s not hard, doesn’t take an excessive amount of time, there are great folks at the national level to help and our own members are endlessly gifted and helpful. Please consider how you might be able to help and let me know if you have questions or are interested.

The next position that is going to be open is that of the Newsletter editor. Molly Johnson has the process running smoothly and would be happy to share her know-how, or you can take off with any other system you want to use. It involves gathering information and sending it out so members are aware of what is happening, at least 4 times a year.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

– Anchorage and the Valley are meeting again!
– Annual Community Sew Day: October 6, 10 am-4pm at the Anchorage Senior Center at 1300 E 19th Ave., Arts Room. We sew fleece hats that are donated to local shelters. We can use donations of fleece, as the Guild’s stash is currently depleted. We will be making fleece hats for the homeless shelters. We cut out 42 hats at our September meeting from fleece we had on hand. Linda McClure is donating 15 yards of fleece, and if anyone else has more to donate, please bring it. Bring your sewing machine or serger (an even-feed or walking foot helps) and sewing tools. A cutting mat and an iron and ironing mat will be available. The restaurant will be open and the Senior Center is also holding a book sale the same day, so readers prepare to stock up for the winter’s reading. Contact Ada Gleason at 244-9614.
– Fall Retreat is scheduled at Pioneer Ridge Bed and Breakfast for October 30, November 1, 2, 3, and 4.
– The Christmas Party will be hosted by Rae Longbrake in Palmer this year: watch for more details.


Kathy Rockey, President, Alaska Sewlutions Sewing Guild

President, Alaska Sewlutions chapter of the American Sewing Guild