Alaska State Fair Sewing Exhibit

As a part of Alaska Sewlutions mission to share sewing as an art and life skill, members participate in and organize the Alaska State Fair Sewing Department, an exhibition of garments, sewn crafts, costumes and more from across the state. Show off your sewing skills and receive constructive feedback when you enter. Special prizes, including the Superintendent’s Award, go to extraordinary works of sewing.

Save the Date:
August 16-September 2, 2024

“Enjoy the Ride”

For the 2024 Alaska State Fair, volunteer will be needed Friday, August 2 to Monday, August 5.  We have new volunteer positions to be filled, including a display coordinator for our Home Decoration area, which has grown in size and needs a dedicated lead and assistant. Please keep these dates in mind when making summer plans, and help us showcase the amazing creations of our fellow guild members and our sewing community.

Also, if you have questions or suggestions on how we can improve the submission of entries, judging, or display,  please contact our Fair Department Superintendant Alice Stevens using our contact form below.

2023 Fair By the Numbers




More Entries Than 2022


Wonderful Volunteers

About Entering Your Sewing

Ever thought about entering something you sewed? Did you see all the entries at last year’s Fair and think, “I should enter my [insert amazing handmade item here]”? We encourage people of all levels to share their hard work in this friendly, statewide competition: not only do we all learn from the judging feedback, we also get to share our love of sewing as an art and life skill with everyone who visits the Fair.

All entrants receive detailed notes on their submission, whether or not they earn a ribbon. Professional, adult, and junior subcategories (ages 12-under and 13-17) ensure fair competition. A detailed Exhibitor’s Guide is published around May 1 every year and includes all the details of how to enter. Some important notes:

  • Enter only once per class 0 – see the latest class listings here
  • Items may be hand sewed or machine sewed. Please let us know how you made your work on your entry form so we can honor your effort.
  • No soiled or scented entries accepted.
  • Entries are judged according to quality of workmanship, attention to detail, level of difficulty, and aesthetic compatibility of fabric and design.
  • Please do not submit dress forms or form heads unless a name, phone and address are permanently marked on the form.
  • No full fur items will be accepted – please submit these items to our neighbors in Department F, Creative Arts & Crafts & Woodworking, Division 7, Alaskana Art. This department has locking display cases to ensure these items will be safe for the duration of the Fair.
  • All entries will be judged on sewing techniques, finishes, and construction, with the judging rubric available here at the same time the Exhibitor’s Guide is published.
  • All divisions are open to all ages. If you are entering as a Junior or Professional, place the appropriate letter on the entry form under sub-category. A professional is someone who sells or instructs.

Divisions include (subject to change annually):

  • Youth garments for ages 0-3, knit and woven
  • Youth garments for ages 4-12, knit and woven
  • Garments for teens and women, knit and woven
  • Garments for men, knit and woven
  • Fashion accessories (i.e. belts, gloves, hats, wallets)
  • Bags, totes and handbags
  • Outerwear
  • Costumes
  • Toys
  • Home Decor
  • Recycled materials
  • Nursery items
  • Fully hand sewn items

Ribbons and premiums (cash prizes) awarded are:

  • 1st Place Blue Ribbon – $7.00
  • 2nd Place Red Ribbon – $5.00
  • 3rd Place White Ribbon – $3.00
  • Best of Show
  • Superintendant’s Award
  • Judge’s Choice Award
  • Outstanding Youth Award